Най-добрата снайперска пушка в света се произвежда от фирмата DSR-precision GmbH в област Baden-Württemberg  Германия,в малкото градче Alpirsbach, намиращо се на 100 тина километра югоизточно от  Stuttgart. Оборудвана струва 10 000 паунда и при добри условия, е способна да произведе точен изстрел на 2500 метра. В производство е пусната през 2000 година, а от 2004 вече на въоръжение в немските и някои полицейски служби в Европа. Оборудвана е с хидравлична система за поемане на отката и се захранва с муниции .338 Lapua Magnum, а също с  .308 Win. и .300 Win.Mag. Дизайнер на пушката е Ingolf Reuter и се роизвежда се в четири модификации : 
DSR 1              
Tactical Silencer  
DSR 50 Sniper  

Технически данни: DSR 50 Sniper Rifle

calibre .50 BMG
overall length  
w/o blast compensator 123 cm
with blast compensator 135 cm
barrel length 80
rifle (w/o magazine & bipod) app. 10.300 gr.
scope with mount app. 1.400 gr.
magazine 470 gr.
bipod 680 gr.
Blast compensator 1.680 gr.
recoil damping system integrated hydraulic system in buttstock
blast compensator combines muzzle brake and effective blast pressure reduction
lock up 6 locking lugs / locking directly in barrel extension
receiver high strength aluminium
trigger system adjustable 2 stage trigger
safety manual 3-position safety
magazine capacity 3 +1 in chamber
spare magazine easy accessible spare magazine in front of trigger guard
scope mount: with preset angle for extended range
mount for night sights extended picatinny type rail
bipod integrated suspension bipod system with 3 axis rotation
 Проведена тестова стрелба за точност с DSR 1 през Октомври 2003 г – група от 5 изстрела with factory cartridges.
.308 Winchester cartridge type 100 m group (mm) 100 m group (MOA) 300 m group (mm) 300 m group (MOA)
RUAG Swiss P Target 168 grs HP-BT 13 0.45 48 0.55
Federal GM 168 grs Sierra MatchKing 14 0.48 55 0.63
Sellier & Bellot 168 grs HP-BT 15 0.51 52 0.59
IMI 168 grs Match 13 0.44 52 0.59
.300 Winchester Magnum cartridge type 100 m group (mm) 100 m group (MOA) 300 m group (mm) 300 m group (MOA)
RUAG Swiss P Target 200 grs HP-BT 13 0.45 38 0.43
Sellier & Bellot 168 grs HP-BT 14 0.48 45 0.51
Sako 168 grs HP-BT 14 0.48 30 0.34

The 5-shot groups where obtained by test shooters whilst shooting from the bipod and measured from centre to centre. The table shows that with target factory ammunition the DSR 1 performs in the 0.34 – 0.63 MOA region. If the DSR 1 can perform better under ideal environmental conditions with to the particular rifle tailored handloads and/or if the human test shooters are a limiting factor was not tested by Visier magazine. An article on the DSR 1 in the French Armes & Tir November 2001 gun magazine corroborates the German Visier results. The Armes & Tir test shooters used RUAG target cartridges


The DSR 1 Subsonic is a DSR 1 variant.The DSR 1 Subsonic is adjusted to use the subsonic type of ammunition calibre 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Winchester. Barrel length is 310 mm. The 8 inch twist rate of the barrel is especially adapted to stabilize the heavy projectiles of subsonic ammunition. This ammunition has the same dimensions like standard ammunition of the same calibre. The propellant charge is reduced to keep the bullet velocity (app. 320 m/s) below the speed of sound (340 m/s). This avoids the super sonic crack of standard ammunition. No type of suppressor can reduce the supersonic crack of a bullet flying at supersonic speed. Only use of subsonic type of ammunition is recommended.

The DSR-50 Sniper Rifle is an enlarged variant of the DSR 1. It has an integrated hydraulic recoil damping system in buttstock and a blast compensator. The blast compensator is a linear compensator or a forward venting muzzle brake that also reduces the perceived muzzle blast. The DSR 50 Sniper Rifle is chambered for the .50 BMG (12.7x99mm NATO) cartridge that is significantly larger than the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge, which is the biggest available chambering for the DSR 1 rifle. Sniper rifles chambered in .50 BMG are often employed as anti-materiel rifles.

Статията е написана от Иван Михайлов ( IVОDOC ), като са ползвани материали от интернет.

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